Born in America, Michael attended the California State University at Fullerton where he studied classical music. As a musician Michael has preformed with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra and the Pacific Symphony Orchestra as well as numerous other solo and ensemble performances. It was during his music studies that Michael began to experiment with photography as a creative medium.

After migrating to Australia is 1992 Michael settled on Sydney's Northern Beaches where he has continued to hone his skills as a master photographer and printer. Michael studied fine printing with Gordon Undy and Murray Fredericks at the Pointlight Gallery in Surry Hills. Michael has also studied extensively with renowned editorial photographer Bruce Hart.

One of the greatest things about Michael's work is that he shoots for himself on his own terms. When people purchase a fine print they are buying a unique meticulously crafted artwork. Michael's Portrait commissions are approached in the same uncompromising manner. Clients can expect the very finest photographic image crafted to last for many generations. Children, adults, animals and even the occasional celebrity are always impressed with Michael's ability to make them feel at ease while capturing their character and individuality.

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